Mylacombu Location

St.Thomas  Forane Church  Mailacombu, The Mother  Church  of  the  East  located in the Kumaramangalam  Grama  Panchayath  of  the  Idukki   district  in  kerala. The  Christian  community  in  Mailacombu  as  tradition  goes  dates back  to  c.a.  600AD. As tradition holds St.Thomas is said to have viited Mailacombu on his way to Tamil Nadu. From the  Madakkathanam  junction which is on the Thodupuzha Muvattupuzha road, the church is  just two  kilometers   on  the  side  of  Madakkathanam-Mailacombu  road. The  parish  territory  is  rather  vast  and  is  spread out   in the  district  of  Ernakulam  and  Idukki   and  the  lion’s   share  belongs  to   the  latter.

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