Memorable Personalities

Sri. Tomy Odackal and family

The contributions of Sri. Tomy Odackal and family who belong to this parish in the field of social work have attracted national and international attention and recognition. Many people from England, Ireland. Malaysia, Singapore, and Canada have visited the institutions run by Sri. Tomy and family and offered their service several times.

Institutions Run by Sri. Tomy Odackal and family:

Divyarakshalayam –
It is an institution where the old, the mentally retarded, mental patients and orphans are taken care of.

Shantibhavan –
It is an institution where old women, unmarried mothers and their children are taken care.

Mother & Child –
It is an institution where orphaned boys and girls and poor children are sheltered and educated. The expenditure of these institutions is met by the contributions of well-wishers. Sri. Tomy was awarded V.K. Kurian Award in 2000, Sarvodhayam Kurian Award in 2002 and ‘Manushayasnehi’ Award in 2008 for his contribution.
Sri. Varkey Venadu (Varkuichettan)

This parish and community can never forget Sri. Varkey Venadu (Varkuichettan) who has served this parish as sacristan for long 38 years. His selfless, unparallel and generous service is remembered with love and gratitude by the whole parish.

We remember those individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the church recently (2008).

Sri. Mathachan Malieckal
who has donated Rs.100000 for the construction of the grotto of Lourde Matha

Sri. Noble Amamthuruthil
who has donated Rs.75000 for buying the statues for the Way of the Cross.

Sri. Thoma Vengalil
who has donated Rs.50000 for the construction of the grotto commemorating the martyrdom of St. Thomas the Apostle need special mentioning.

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